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$15.5 Million Donation Granted for Yukon's Beaver Creek Solar Project Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 22nd Feb 2023

Throughout the years, the use of clean energy has been practiced only by a few people. As time goes by, many people now use clean energy as they understand the incredible benefits to them and the environment. With its positive effect, groups like organizations, companies, and the government now make activities, donations, or investments in line with the use of clean energy.

Concerning this, The Government of Canada donated 15.5 million dollars to Yukon's largest solar project, the "Beaver Creek Solar Project." The donation of 15.5 million dollars is the sum from the efforts of two institutions, the "Clean Energy For Rural and Remote Communities Program" of the Natural Resources Canada and the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency's Inclusive Diversification and Economic Advancement (IDEANorth).

The Clean Energy For Rural and Remote Communities Program donated 13.4 million dollars, and IDEANorth donated 2 million dollars for the success of the Beaver Creek Solar Project.

Beaver Creek Solar Project

The Beaver Creek Solar Project's purpose is to provide and generate renewable energy so that the use of diesel for electricity in the community of Beaver Creek will decrease. This project shall also provide skill training and job opportunities for the community while generating income for the Copper Niisüü Limited Partnership, a business operation entity with renewable energy projects in one of its agendas, creating more clean energy and opportunities in the future.

Another goal of this project is to promote public health by lowering the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from diesel use. With the carbon dioxide levels on earth today projects like the Beaver Creek Solar Projects are significant for us as inhabitants of this planet.

Out of the many ways to generate clean energy, this project focuses on using solar energy as a source. A photovoltaic panel or solar panel converts the solar energy from the sunlight into energy you can store on batteries or thermal storage for consumption. Clean energy projects use expensive equipment; thankfully, some institutions donate or invest in clean energy projects.

The Beaver Creek Solar’s site is situated at the White River First Nation’s traditional territory, from there the installation of solar panels with 1.9 megawatts (MW) and a battery energy storage of 3.5 megawatts per hour (MWh) that generate an average of 1,100 MWh every year. This project will decrease the use of diesel for electricity generation by approximately 55 percent, a massive difference because the average production of 1,100 tons of carbon dioxide shall decrease, making the community cleaner and safer.

The Beaver Creek Solar Project is still ongoing, and with the support of The Canadian government and other institutions, the completion of this project is near. Projects like these take us closer to the era of a cleaner earth, so donate if you can, as this cleaner era is within our grasp.

Parties Involved

Here are some of the parties involved in this beautiful project and supportive donations:

  • The Government of Canada
  • White River First Nation Limited Partnership
  • ATCO Electric Yukon
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • IDEANorth

Clean Energy Sources

Here are other sources of clean energy besides solar power:

  • Geothermal from steam that comes from reservoirs of hot water
  • Wind from wind turbines
  • Hydropower from hydroelectric power plants
  • Biomass from high-pressure steam using a boiler

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