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5 Tips for a Sustainable Building

5 Tips for a Sustainable Building

Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 1st Nov 2020

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Most commercial buildings that you see are beautiful because of the people responsible for constructing it, and along with beauty comes efficiency. When talking about a commercial building's functionality, it needs to work correctly to ensure that people can feel its effects.

As a commercial building owner, one area that you need to always look out for is how to make your building sustainable. With the eco-friendly movement taking the world by storm, many construction contractors and architects incorporate this method. Once you're able to achieve building sustainability, you can finally look at the various positive impacts in the building.

Before any construction, the construction company needs adequate planning to ensure they can achieve building sustainability. These are five tips they would usually use to make their buildings sustainable:

Tip #1: Consider the Placement of Windows

You might think that window placement is an unnecessary thing to achieve a sustainable building, but that's where you're wrong. Strategically placing the windows can make a huge difference in a commercial building. Correctly placing the windows isn't only for people to see a beautiful view every day. Many things can affect a simple window placement, such as setting the atmosphere within the room.

Also, no person would want to have a window where a large building is covering it. The large building can also block natural light from entering the room, making people use the lights even more. That would be a waste of unnecessary electricity, so contractors would usually make the windows face an unobstructed view.

Tip #2: Find More Ways to Ensure Coolness Inside the Building

A time will come where Canadians will experience hot weather. It will become a detriment to most people, especially for the ones who are working inside office buildings. Even with the best HVAC system installed, employees working beside the window will still feel hot. If you're the building owner, you need to find other ways to keep everyone cool.

Aside from the windows, you can start with the roof of the building. It needs proper insulation to prevent extreme cold or heat from penetrating the interior of the building. When you expose the roof to extreme heat for hours, it will store heat and gradually warm the entire building.

Tip #3: Have Your Foundation Inspected for Any Damage

Every commercial building will need to undergo maintenance and check if there are any issues they can find. One critical area of the building that needs attention is the foundation. It's what holds the entire building and prevents it from toppling over. Maintenance will become frequent for buildings that are large or tall such as skyscrapers.

You need to know that even a small issue with the foundation can turn into a large one if not handled right away. Before the construction, you need to make sure that the materials the construction company uses are durable. You also need to take into consideration eco-friendly materials during demolition and disposal phases.

Tip #4: Use Recyclable Construction Materials

You might not know it, but most commercial buildings you see may contain recycled materials. The world is gradually getting worse, so construction companies are doing their best to cut down using recyclable materials instead of the other. You will save a lot by using recyclable materials for construction.

You're also doing your part to save the earth from becoming uninhabitable. You can use many products as recyclable materials like plastics, rubber, glass, and lumber. Buying them is less damaging compared to purchasing new ones.

Tip #5: Incorporate Solar Energy

As mentioned a while ago, the world is gradually getting worse. But some dedicated people are trying to reverse the effects, and one way of doing that is by using solar energy. Solar power converts heat from the sun and turns it into clean, usable energy. Installing a few solar panels at the building roof can significantly save you money for electricity bills.

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