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What Are the 4 Advantages of Mass Timber Prefab for Commercial Construction? Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 15th Feb 2023

Due to their benefits, most commercial builders are now pushing prefabricated timbers as a primary material to construct buildings. But what is mass timber? Mass timber is a highly advanced layer of wood that construction companies are using now in making durable structural frames, panels, posts, and beams. These types of woods have several benefits, and here are the top four advantages of mass timber prefab for commercial construction.


Sometimes you must create a list of mass timber construction pros and cons to ensure that you invest in the suitable construction material for your project. Affordability is why you should get timber for your building's architectural structure. However, do not mistake its affordability for an inefficient and second-grade product, as several reasons affect the material's price.

Production time, weight, size, and transportation contribute to the product's value as the primary indicators of why a specific material, such as concrete, steel, or wood, is relatively costly or cheap. In the case of the latter, mass timber prefab weigh less and only needs fewer workers to produce them quickly, so the company will have fewer expenses in making them. Also, since it is lighter than the two primary construction materials, transporting the mass timber prefab is cheaper.


Most architects and interior designers prefer using timber for its versatility and durability, increasing its visibility as a structural material in commercial buildings, architectural masterpieces, institutions, and residential structures.

Wood has been part of the construction industry for centuries now. Ancient construction and engineering have created wood structures that have tolerated severe weather conditions. One example is China's wooden pagoda, built under the Liao dynasty in 1056. It has survived nature's destructive and catastrophic forces for centuries and outlived other concrete and steel-made buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Mass timber architecture and designs have good wood framing, a natural insulator for commercial buildings. Because of its cellular structure, it can excellently maintain the ideal room temperature. It can keep the warm air out during summer and retain the right temperature during winter. It means there is a reduction in your energy bill as the air leaks decreases.


As United Nations' deadline to reduce carbon emissions swiftly approaches, countries have found methods to achieve each of their goals. For Canada, one of the ways to attain this is by utilizing wood as a construction material, as they are known to contain CO2. Additionally, prefabricated timbers have less carbon footprint and need less fuel, power, or energy than concrete and steel during manufacturing.

Why You Need A Mass Timber Prefab?

Construction industries bringing back the art of using wood as the primary construction material will surely help improve people's health and the environment since timber is good at trapping carbon dioxide. The lesser the carbon footprint is, the healthier it is for the environment. Additionally, suppose these materials meet technology-advanced engineering techniques. In that case, they can become one of the best sustainable resources that residential, commercial, and industrial building owners can invest in since timber benefits the building owner, the occupants, and the environment.

Like other construction supplies, mass timbers could be better. Some disadvantages of mass timber construction are code restrictions and higher costs of architectural or interior designs. Also, improper installation may cost you more for maintenance and repair. Thus, although it offers many benefits, it is best to know the complete mass timber construction details before investing.

Regardless of its advantages and disadvantages, your mass timber prefab project needs access doors and panels to conceal and protect the building's necessary wiring, primary units, and system from unauthorized access.

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