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$550,000 to Be Given for the Innovative Hybrid Timber Floor System Project Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 11th Jan 2023

The United Nations clearly states that climate change is a severe problem that needs efficient solutions to prevent and slow down its effect on human health and the environment. Canada addresses the issue with a call to urgently fight global warming by aiming to reduce carbon to below 2 degrees Celsius.

One of Canada's many projects to achieve its climate change goal for a sustainable future is the Innovative Hybrid Timber Floor System Project. But what is hybrid construction? Hybrid Timber Floor System project or hybrid construction combines timber with steel, concrete, and other construction materials. Read on and learn more about Canada's project for a greener environment.

Making A Difference

Canada's extensive research and feasibility study generated positive results showing that timber and hybrid construction materials can effectively and reliably support high and low-rise building structures.

With innovation and technology, the country is nearing achieving the 2050 net-zero goal through forestry and construction.

The nation's bold move to use timber for construction projects shifts the construction industry, including the architectural and interior plans, into more innovative and strategic designs combining two different materials in building a durable structure. The project intends to use and mix cross-laminated timbers and post-tensioned concrete, which function like traditional construction materials meeting the desired clear spans in commercial and institutional buildings.

Funding the Project

Through the Minister of Natural Resources, Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, the Government of Canada expressed its support to the project by granting over $550,000. The project gets additional support from Green Construction through Wood (GCWood) Program and the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation (IFIT), which helps implement transformative technologies and products by linking progress and commercialization. Both promotes and supports timber construction materials in the construction industry to build sustainable structure and low-carbon projects as Canada slowly transition to a green country.

With GCWood and IFIT, the Hybrid Timber Floor System Project will increase awareness of the possibility of using wood and hybrid system construction in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and bridges.

EllisonDon and DIALOG, the leading companies in providing construction services and innovative architectural designs in Canada, led the project, investing in Canada's net zero-emission future.

The Hybrid Timber Floor System's patent is still pending, but this bold and innovative approach to hybridizing structural materials will undoubtedly impact the construction industry. Currently, the project's research and studies are ongoing at EllisDon's modular fabrication facility in Ontario. The construction materials are designed and manufactured off-site and delivered to the site once done.

Benefits of Manufacturing Off-site

EllisDon and DIALOG are aware of several benefits of utilizing EllisDon's modular fabrication facility for the project. Here are the best reasons why the companies manufactured the hybrid materials used in construction off-site.

  • Convenience

Building the construction materials in a modular fabrication facility offers a different level of convenience to EllisDon and DIALOG. Also, it prevents field disruption, which can cause delays and cost the construction company time and financial loss, whether the company is penalized or rewarded with extra time to cover the delay.

Utilizing the modular fabrication facility ensures that the controlled environment can efficiently meet the deadline while producing quality materials.

Additionally, since the materials are manufactured off-site, architects, engineers, construction professionals, and designers ensure the materials are easy to transport and install.

  • Economy

Another advantage of utilizing the modular fabrication facility is the cost reduction which brings several benefits to the company. Lowering the manufacturing cost means greater efficiency and an increase in the company's revenue. There is also a lower downtime and increase in labour productivity if the products are in the modular fabrication facility.

  • Safety and Quality

A modular fabrication facility is safer manufacturing construction materials than an on-site location. It is also easier to monitor the quality of the materials in the facility, which is vital to quickly fix any quality issues before sending them to the construction site.

Moreover, the facility has excellent control over the process, environment and weather delays, as the company can arrange the shifts to ensure that the company meets the deadline.

Advantages Hybrid Timber Floor System Project

The timber-steel hybrid structure is different from the traditional way the construction industry uses it when making sturdy residential and commercial buildings. However, hybrid building examples offer several benefits to businesses, the community, and the environment.

  • Reduces Co2 Emission

Studies show that wood has a low greenhouse gas emission rate compared to nonwood construction materials like steel and plastic since they need and uses more energy to manufacture and produce them. Additionally, the waste products of the timber from the tree's branches to its bark are gathered and used as an alternative fuel to generate electricity.

  • Innovative Energy-efficient Building Designs

Innovative Energy-Efficient Buildings play a vital role in society. It promotes the country's economy and upholds the people's quality of living. Apart from that, building a green and sustainable building also helps reduce the electric bill and offers a healthier environment.

Regarding the material's durability, the innovative hybrid timber construction project can also go head to head with the typical construction materials. Their designs are carefully planned and made by experts and professionals from the construction industry. It does not need constant repair and replacement as it can withstand different temperatures and weather conditions all year round.

  • Higher rate of market opportunities

As Canada moves to the zero-emission future, the high demand for sustainable construction materials is becoming visible. With the country's plan to ultimately reduce its carbon footprint, more extensive market opportunities are in the making for manufacturing companies and the rural and Indigenous communities in the forestry and construction industries.

  • Improves seismic performance

Innovation in architectural design and advancement in construction technologies are paving to hybrid-timber construction materials that will give rise to greener, taller and larger towers and sports stadiums with great structural designs and aesthetics.

Greener Canada, Greener Future

It is still a long way for Canada to achieve their 2050 zero-emission goal, and the country needs to study further the Hybrid Structural System advantages and disadvantages. But with EllisonDon and DIALOG'S progress in mixing the mass timber with lightweight materials and steel, concrete and glass and innovative techniques, Canada will undoubtedly achieve its goal while opening more significant opportunities for structural solutions.

Moreover, the hybrid-timber construction materials have several advantages, including lesser staffing needed, lower foundation costs, natural insulation and better seismic performance. Add our LEED V4 Compliant access doors and panels and get the best rating possible!

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