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A $4,150,000 Budget Granted to Improve Building Ventilation in Canada's NWT Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 8th Mar 2023

The pandemic has brought several issues to Canada, which include health and socio-economic problems that the government quickly addressed through projects. One agenda that benefits Canadians is the improved ventilation infrastructure program in Northwest Territories' public spaces. It aims to support the country's thriving economy, open numerous job opportunities, and create a greener community environment.

Northwest Territories Parliament Member Michael McLeod and Minister of Infrastructure Diane Archie publicly announced the project's funding details, including the approved budget of more than $4,000,000 from Investing in Canada's Infrastructure Program's CVRIS (Covid-19 Resilience Infrastructure Stream).

The funding will cover Canada's four important locations, Hamlet of Fort McPherson, First Nations of Whati, Fort Smith, and the City of Yellowknife. Hamlet's Fort McPherson Health Center gets the highest allocated amount to upgrade its digital control system and duct works, which are essential to keep the Center clean and safe for patients and visitors.

Once completed, the First Nations of Whati will enjoy better dental services. Fort Smith's Paul William Kaeser High School will have new heating, ventilating and air conditioning units to create a more conducive learning environment for students. At the same time, Yellowknife's will have a more advanced ductwork system for Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Center's galleries which aims to provide guests with a comfortable visit, especially during the shoulder season.

By investing in infrastructures and installing proper ventilation in each of these places, Canada ensures that its citizens, especially those who reside in the northern areas, will have an improved quality of living. They will enjoy better transportation services, and feel safer, especially against airborne viruses such as COVID-19.

Along with these improvements, Canada aims to continuously advance the communities by providing more access to clean and safe drinking water, fast internet services, reducing GHG emissions, and building inclusive communities to drive and promote long-term economic stability and growth.

What's Next for Canada?

Over the past years, Canada has constantly invested in and funded projects to support and promote the community's growth. In addition, the government is working on achieving United Nations' call for zero emissions by 2050. However, by 2030, the organization's 193 member, which includes Canada, the U.S.A, China, the Russian Federation, and the United Arab Emirates, needs to reduce the severe impacts of global warming based on their emission level. Although each country's carbon footprint varies, the expected target is to decrease emissions by 2 degrees Celsius.

Canada has taken steps to achieve this goal before 2030. They have incorporated wood and hybrid-timber materials into the construction industries. Also, the country is prioritizing LEED-approved and other sustainable materials, which include access doors and panels, roof hatches, and automatic vents to enhance the environmental performance of buildings. With all these, will Canada unlock another milestone by 2030?

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