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Post and Receiver Pogo Pole Portable Safety Post

2 - 3 weeks
$775.17 $704.12
(You save $71.05)

Product Description

Post and Receiver Pogo Pole Portable Safety Post

With BA-PP Pogo Pole Portable Safety Post, you can provide more comfortable, safer ladder access through floor access doors, roof hatches, and utility holes, at a lower cost. This product is an economical alternative to our BA-LU LadderUp Safety Post that can give the same safety and convenience.

The BA-PP is adjustable mounting hardware that accommodates virtually any ladder rung size or spacing. It provides a positive hand-hold and enables the user to enter or exit an opening in an upright and balanced position. Like the BA-LU, this BA-PP has a telescoping tubular section that locks automatically when fully extended. Moreover, a stainless steel spring balancing mechanism controls upward and downward movement.

Usage of this BA-PP involves having only the receiver installed permanently on the ladder while the service vehicle carries the portable safety post. Avail this product today in four levels of corrosion resistance to ensure long-term trouble-free, dependable service.

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