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Top 5 Green Building Practices You Should Consider Today

Top 5 Green Building Practices You Should Consider Today

Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 8th Nov 2020

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Top 5 Green Building Practices for Your Next Commercial Project

At Best Access Doors Canada, we believe in the importance of environmental sustainability especially when it comes to green building practices in commercial construction. Here are some great ways to adopt green building practices in your next project:

Use Recycled Materials

If you want to have a green building, the first thing that you should consider is the recyclability of the materials you will use. Whether it is the type of insulation, wood, or fixtures, it is essential to repurpose it elsewhere. However, it does not mean that a new building project will reuse 30-year old insulation. Instead, it will only recycle specific frames and paneling that are still in good condition.

When you use recycled materials, it means that you are following a conscientious decision. A prime example of this would be using retrofitted doors and panels.

Choose Sustainable Metals

When constructing any building, consider the sustainability of the metal. For example, aluminum is one of the most sustainable because it possesses features and characteristics that prevent rust and corrosion.

Consider Natural Elements

More than a hundred years ago, buildings served mostly practical purposes or were ways of displaying one's wealth and status. Sustainability was not a consideration at that time. That being said, today we see modern skyscrapers standing alongside gorgeous historic buildings. There is a mix of sustainable practices that contractors incorporate including natural elements such as air and light. With the help of technological and geothermal advancements, naturality is being embraced to a much larger degree than in the past.

Save Money with High-Efficiency Systems

If you want to save more money in your green building, you should consider investing in a high-efficiency HVAC system. By law these follow specific regulations and ratings and this will benefit both the environment and your budget.

Adopt Geothermal Practices

One of the most energy-efficient things you can do is install a geothermal roof. These roofs can convert natural elements such as solar and wind into the building’s electricity. With the green movement worldwide, more and more people are now considering using solar panels in their commercial and residential buildings. Meanwhile, some governmentz use equipment that turns wind into a renewable energy source. It inspires contractors and designers to use these materials to create environmentally sustainable green buildings.

At Best Access Doors Canada, we believe in the importance of environmental sustainability in commercial construction. Thus, we offer a variety of sustainable products that are also cost-efficient. To find out more about the products we offer, visit us online

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