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The Faro Mine Clean-Up Project Awarded Three New Contracts Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 4th Jan 2023

One of Canada's federal government priorities this year is the Canadians' health, safety, reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, and addressing their long cry for environmental protection. To show its sincerity in resolving relevant issues, it re-launched the long-abandoned mine cleanup plan, the Faro Mine Remediation Project.

The PSPC, also known as the Public Services and Procurement Canada, representing the Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, recently signed three new contracts with one standing offer for the Faro Remediation Project. Learn more about the essential aspects of these new contracts and how they will affect Canadians, particularly indigenous groups.

Little Faro Mine background

The Faro Mine was once known as one of the largest open-pit mines in the world spanning more than 25 square kilometres. It contains lead zinc components located 15km north of the Town of Faro in the south-central Yukon.

The mine site is also inside the territory of the Kaska Ross River Dena and Liard First Nation, which is upstream from Selkirk First Nation. For a long time, the government neglected the mine ground, and it has become notorious as the most complex mine remediation project in Canada.

Fortunately, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services of Canada started the initial steps for the rehabilitation by awarding the Main Construction Management and Care and Maintenance contract to Parsons Inc. last February 2022. Receiving an initial fund amount of $108.2 million, it can cover the Term 1 services of the project up until March 31, 2024.

It aims to provide a phased approach to the restructuring plan that the PSPC union expects to finish by 2038. According to the government of Canada tenders, Parsons Inc. will work with many other signed contractors vital to the remediation of the Faro Mine site. These newly awarded contracts include Environmental Monitoring Services, Remediation Plan Design and Support Services, Regulatory Support Services, and one standing offer, Geotechnical Support Services.

Environmental Monitoring Services (EMS)

Bagging the primary amount of $18.2 million in the federal government's procurement, Ensero Solutions Canada Inc. takes home the Environmental Monitoring Services contract. The initial bid fund can cover works up until February 28, 2025, with the optional possibility of a contract period extension for two years.

The work included in this contract is site monitoring which can consist of water flow and quality assessment, whether it's surface water, groundwater, seep water or contact water. It also encompasses other monitoring tasks like meteorological, ambient air, terrestrial, and wildlife.

Remediation Plan Design and Support Services

On March 4, 2022, AECOM Canada Ltd. got the Remediation Plan Design and Support Services (RPDSS) contract amounting to $31.7 million. It primarily caters to the remediation plan's advancement focusing on the design procedures and serving field support concurrently with the active rehabilitation. Its goal is to cover services up to March 31, 2023, with options integrated for a contract extension until March 31, 2043.

Regulatory Support Services

The public works procurement grants the Regulatory Support Services contract to Golder Associates Ltd., giving initial funds totalling$3.15 million, expecting to deliver valuable mine site services by May 19, 2025, but still with two years period extension available. The contract constitutes supporting works for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada via the Yukon Environmental and Socio-Economic Assessment Board's decision-making processes. Moreover, tied in this contract are the application and review procedures of the Water Licence and Fisheries Act Authorization that will remarkably help the site's rehabilitation.

Geotechnical Support Services

The PSPC branches gave Tetra Tech Canada Inc a $4.5 million standing offer, which will be responsible for engineering examinations of the earthen structures. This infrastructure includes ponds, dams, diversion channels, waste rock dumps, weir facilities and pit wall surfaces.

The partnered company offers various inspection services to stay up-to-date with the mentioned establishments' condition, movement, and safety.

The assigned team will also examine onsite measurements from the geotechnical monitoring instruments. It's an innovative way to detect if any monumental changes are occurring within the earthen structures.

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