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The Best Access Doors and Panels for Our Canadian Climate: Integrating NRC Insights Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 17th Apr 2024

In Canada's diverse and changing climate, the construction industry faces the ongoing challenge of ensuring resilient and sustainable buildings and infrastructure. The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is at the forefront of efforts to enhance climate resilience in construction, working tirelessly to develop research and tools that aid in creating buildings capable of withstanding the environmental extremes our country experiences. At Best Access Doors Canada, we align our product development and recommendations with the latest findings and priorities identified by the NRC, ensuring our access doors and panels meet the highest climate resilience standards.

Embracing NRC's Climate Resilience Initiatives

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

The NRC's approach to enhancing climate resilience involves collaboration with governments, academia, and industry. This collective effort allows for a comprehensive understanding of climate impacts and the development of innovative solutions. By integrating these insights into our product selection and design, Best Access Doors Canada ensures that our access doors and panels contribute to the overall resilience of Canadian buildings and infrastructure.

Prioritizing High-Impact Areas

The focus of the NRC on high-priority areas such as resilient dams and nature-based solutions highlights the importance of targeted action in the face of climate change. Our range of access doors and panels supports these priorities by offering products that are adaptable to various environmental challenges, from flooding and wildfires to extreme temperatures.

For instance, our Airtight/Watertight Stainless Steel Access Dooris an excellent choice for flooding or high-humidity areas. Tested for air infiltration and water penetration, it boasts impressive results:

  • Air Infiltration: less than 0.01 cfm/sq foot – ASTM E 283
  • Water Penetration: no leakage at 15.05 psf – ASTM E 331

This model ensures that critical areas within buildings are protected against water damage and air leaks, aligning with the NRC's emphasis on creating resilient infrastructures.

Sharing Knowledge for Improved Resilience

The NRC's commitment to sharing research and recommendations is crucial for improving the built environment's resilience. By staying informed about the NRC's latest findings, Best Access Doors Canada can offer products that meet current standards and anticipate future climate resilience needs. Our commitment to quality and sustainability means providing access to solutions that participate in the long-lasting improvements championed by the NRC.

Integrating NRC Insights into Our Products

Material Selection and Design

In line with the NRC's research, we emphasize the importance of selecting materials and designs suited to Canada's climate challenges. Our Plaster Exterior Facade Access Door, featuring pest-resistant Hardie Board, is airtight, dust and water-resistant, and anti-corrosive, making it an ideal choice for exterior applications with paramount durability and resilience.

Innovative Features for Climate Resilience

Our products incorporate features that align with the NRC's focus on resilience, such as the Flood Tight/Gastight Floor Door. With an EPDM gasket and flood-tight cam locks, this model is designed to withstand standing water, ensuring that basements, underground parking, and other below-grade spaces remain dry and secure.

These innovations are part of our commitment to providing access doors and panels that contribute to safer, more efficient, and resilient buildings.

Commitment to Sustainability and Security

Understanding the NRC's long-term vision for climate resilience, we ensure our products offer enhanced security features and are made from sustainable materials that withstand Canada's diverse environmental conditions. This approach protects the immediate integrity of buildings and contributes to the broader goal of sustainable development.

Build Better, Build Canadian

Incorporating the National Research Council of Canada's insights into our product development and recommendations, Best Access Doors Canada is dedicated to offering access doors and panels that meet the evolving needs of the Canadian construction industry. Our alignment with NRC's research and priorities ensures that we contribute to creating resilient, sustainable, and resilient buildings and infrastructure to face the challenges of climate change.

For more information on how our products support climate resilience in construction and to explore our range of access doors and panels, contact our expert team by calling 1-800-483-0823 or request a quote. Together, we can build a more resilient and sustainable future for Canada.

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