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Safety Checklist: How to Prevent Accidents on a Construction Site

Safety Checklist: How to Prevent Accidents on a Construction Site

Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 6th Nov 2020

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At Best Access Doors Canada, we make safety our utmost priority by offering the best quality access panels to prevent further damage to a building. We also encourage our clients to improve safety on-site at all times. This article will share some tips on how you can prevent accidents from happening on a construction site.


On any tasks, communication is an essential thing that a team must possess. Whether it is about the building process or for everyone's safety, everyone must communicate with each other. An open line of discussion could create and safe environment along with an influential safety culture. If the staff notices something wrong, alerting the whole team about it is the best solution, primarily related to the heavy machines or potential hazards, such as cutting an opening for an access panel.

Advise your employees to speak up if they notice anything wrong within the site or their processes. Promote an open line discussion to improve safety when working. If not, this could lead to more injuries and accidents happening. Moreover, these incidents can even lead to project delays and issues.


One of the best ingredients in success is preparedness. Besides preparing a simple First Aid Kit for unexpected scenarios, it would help if your employees have First Aid Training. Make sure to do it before your project starts and always remind them about the first aid tips. Moreover, the First Aid Kit must be fully stocked, visible, and accessible to all.

If having a preparedness meeting is too time-consuming to do every day, you can schedule it weekly or bi-weekly. Aside from preventing injuries, ensuring that your staff is knowledgeable about safety can mitigate potential risks from happening.


Having the proper equipment is vital in the construction and remodelling industry. Some may think that as long as they wear hard hats and adequate boots, they are ready to go. However, more personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used depending on the task at hand. For example, working on an access panel installation on drywall would require gloves, eyewear, and boots to prevent unwanted incidents. Aside from wearable items, safety equipment could also refer to the tools and machinery that you use. Always ensure that the equipment is of the best quality and your employees know how to use them properly.


You cannot instill safety by just having a first aid kit and training and using the right equipment in only one go. Remember that having a safety culture in your construction site would not happen in just a week or two. You must do regular maintenance and have regular check-ups to make sure that everything is in place. Many people take safety for granted to make their lives easier, which will eventually lead to incidents. However, it will cause a lot of difference when a project manager or builder is committed to promoting safety on-site.


At Best Access Doors Canada, we care about you. It is why we make sure to only offer high-quality products and services to our clients and customers. To help them further, we keep it in mind to always give out tips about on-site safety.

For more helpful tips on promoting safety on-site and what contractors, builders, and clients can do, visit us at

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