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The Top 7 Grease Duct Maintenance Challenges for Commercial Construction Projects in Canada Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 21st Jun 2023

Behind the scenes of Canada's messy kitchens, a silent hero stands firm, guaranteeing safety and efficiency—the grease duct. These vital components transfer harmful exhaust from cooking equipment, safeguarding establishments and patrons from smoke and grease.

However, the cleaning circumstances surrounding grease ducts in Canada demand massive attention, as ensuring their cleanliness is critical for a secure and thriving kitchen area, particularly for commercial restaurants. Grease ducts, integral to cooking spaces, maintain ventilation and fire safety.

In this blog post, you'll discover the seven maintenance challenges Canadian contractors often encounter when working on grease ducts. Moreover, we'll also share some of the grease duct access panels you can partner your facility with for a much more accessible reach and secure concealment.

1. Compliance with codes and regulations

Adhering to the complicated network of building codes, standards, and regulations related to grease duct maintenance poses a mighty challenge. Securing the grease duct systems' design and installation meet all requirements can be dreadful for commercial kitchen projects. For those targeting to achieve LEED certification, one component that can significantly contribute is the grease duct access doors like our removable duct access door.

2. Access and space constraints

Contractors often attach grease ducts through confined spaces and hard-to-reach areas within commercial structures. It creates challenges when accessing and adequately cleaning these ducts, as cramped spaces can hinder meticulous maintenance, increasing the risk of grease buildup. We highly recommend installing our hinged duct access door for limited-area demands like this.

3. Integration with building systems

Commercial construction projects in Canada integrate various building systems, such as HVAC, fire suppression, and exhaust systems. Coordinating the design and application of grease ducts within the context of these complex systems can be difficult, requiring careful planning and organization.

4. Effective grease removal

Another common issue in commercial kitchen projects is grease accumulation within ducts. Clearing out grease effectively during regular maintenance is essential, as insufficient cleaning can lead to increased fire risks and compromised ventilation. Ensuring correct cleaning methods and equipment utilization is another challenge in upkeeping grease-free ducts.

5. Retrofitting and renovations

Retrofitting or remodeling existing commercial restaurant establishments to accommodate new grease duct systems can present unique circumstances. For instance, your clients can choose to enhance their ductwork system from rectangular to round, wherein round duct doors are the most suitable installation. Backfitting may also require changes to the building structure and currently established infrastructure, posing logistical difficulties and potential troubles to ongoing operations.

6. Maintenance scheduling and coordination

Matching grease duct maintenance within commercial construction projects can be complex, primarily when multiple contractors work. Planning regular cleaning, inspections, and maintenance activities without disrupting other construction activities needs effective and coordinated communication among all stakeholders.

7. Education and training

Providing all involved personnel of commercial construction projects, from contractors, building owners, to staff, with the vital knowledge and training related to grease duct maintenance can be challenging. Educating stakeholders about regular maintenance, proper cleaning procedures, and compliance with codes and rules guarantees a safe and adept grease duct system.

Give solutions to maintenance concerns to build a healthy cooking space.

Addressing these challenges proactively and implementing appropriate strategies will aid commercial construction projects in Canada to overcome hurdles related to grease duct maintenance easily. It will lead to safer and more efficient ventilation systems, lowering fire risks and encouraging a healthier and more secure environment for all building employees and occupants.

Trust Best Access Doors Canada For Your Kitchen Grease Projects!

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