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Find Out How To Use Access Doors To Increase Your Storage Space in 3 Unique Ways Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 6th Mar 2024

Do you find yourself constantly battling for space in your commercial and multi-family residential spaces? What if we told you the answer to your storage woes could be as simple as opening a door? One often-overlooked avenue is the strategic use of access doors to tap into underutilized areas such as crawlspace access, under eaves access, or utility compartments.

These unassuming knee wall access doors are the cost-saving solution that you've been looking for, transforming into gateways for additional storage and providing a practical and space-efficient solution.

In this article, we'll explore the innovative ways in which access doors can be leveraged to expand storage capacity, offering a fresh perspective on making the most out of every nook and cranny within a structure.

From clever organization ideas to creative repurposing, we'll delve into the possibilities when these doors become keys to unlocking newfound storage potential.

Method #1: Roof Eaves Access

If your multi-family or commercial building has roof eaves, you may be in luck! By utilizing the space within the roof eaves, you can create hidden storage areas that are both practical and discreet. The area within the roof eaves, primarily intended to control ventilation and circulation within the attic, is often underutilized and can become dead space. Installing an access door provides a gateway to this otherwise neglected area, turning it into valuable storage space.

Roof eaves storage is ideal for items that are only used seasonally, such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, or recreational gear. Storing these items in the eaves keeps them accessible yet out of the way during the times they are not in use. These considerations are ideal for smaller families in multi-family residential properties where additional space is at a premium.

Roof eaves establish a distinguished and architecturally pleasing facade in commercial buildings, such as retail stores, office buildings, educational, recreational, and healthcare facilities. However, if they are expansive enough, they also present the ideal compartment for office supplies, extra documents and files, cleaning supplies, personal protective equipment, extra inventory tools and equipment, to name a few.

In each case, a practical and aesthetically pleasing access solution must be applied. Best Access Doors Canada proudly presents the answer – BAC-DWK Insulated Crawl Space Access Door. This knee-high door takes up little space while opening massive possibilities to maximize your storage capacity. This door conveniently opens left or right, providing a space-saving solution in limited areas.

Method #2: Expand Your Utility Spaces

Unlocking efficient access to utility spaces is crucial for maintaining functionality and organization within your building. Traditional access points often fall short in terms of maximizing space utilization and providing convenient entry into tight corners. However, the introduction of insulated L-shaped doors revolutionizes the way we approach accessing utility areas, providing a cost-effective answer.

From improved insulation and customizable configurations to seamless integration and enhanced functionality, L-shaped solutions make tight spaces a non-factor.

Combining the benefits of insulation with the space-saving design of an L-shaped configuration, these doors offer a practical solution for optimizing accessibility while enhancing energy efficiency. BAC-DWK's 1" thermal insulation provides an R-value of 0.91, which excels in lightweight partitions such as gypsum board.

BAC-DWK is ideal for concealing HVAC ductwork, helping to maintain temperature consistency and prevent energy loss. It is also perfect for concealing plumbing and pipes, protecting them from temperature fluctuations and minimizing the risk of freezing or condensation buildup. Crawl space doors such as BAC-DWK expand your utility options and storage capacity, allowing secure access whenever necessary.

Method #3: Architecturally Blended Concealment

Designed to seamlessly blend into the architectural landscape, this innovative door offers more than just storage solutions—it becomes an integral part of the room's aesthetic, enhancing both form and function. With its sleek lines and minimalist design, L-shaped access doors such as BAC-DWK add a touch of sophistication to any space while providing convenient access to previously underutilized areas. Models such as this expand your storage capacity.

BAC-DWK says goodbye to clutter and hello to open spaces and peace of mind, offering the most convenient and cost-efficient solution for multi-family residential and commercial builders—where aesthetics is a priority. This model ensures quick, easy installation without compromising quality for an architecturally blended and cohesive finish.

A Perfectly Blended Solution

Incorporating an L-shaped access door can be a transformative solution for maximizing storage space in any home or workspace. By cleverly utilizing otherwise underutilized areas, such as corners, this innovative design not only offers practicality but also enhances the aesthetics of the environment.

The versatility of our BAC-DWK Insulated Crawl Space Access Door opens up a world of possibilities for organization and efficiency. Embracing this simple yet effective solution can truly revolutionize the way we utilize space, providing convenience and functionality while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered appearance.

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