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How Can British Columbia Protect Wildlife During Commercial Development? Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 18th May 2023

British Columbia takes care of both aspects of wildlife and commercial development. Its government takes care of its nature through its program, the “Wildlife Stewardship,” while its commercial development is taken care of by many agencies, including the “Business Development” program. But there are times when both aspects clash and negatively affect both.

As time goes on, commercial development keeps progressing, and the fast erection of numerous buildings or establishments is negatively affecting wildlife. The presence of, and during the construction, of these commercial buildings is a significant threat to wildlife, both flora and fauna. The erection of these buildings affects wildlife in many ways that can also affect humans, such as natural calamities with adverse effects that can disturb living things and the state itself.

Negative Effects of Commercial Development on Wildlife:

Over time, rapid commercial development and the construction of numerous buildings have started to take a toll on wildlife. The presence and construction of these commercial structures pose significant threats to both flora and fauna. The erection of buildings can disrupt wildlife in several ways, leading to adverse effects on both animal and human populations.

  • Removal of plant life – Laying down the construction site already interferes with wildlife because removing trees and other plants is usually done, especially if the establishment’s location is near or within a forest. The removal of plant life will reduce air quality and increase the chance of flash floods in the area.
  • Destruction of the surrounding animal’s habitat - Along with removing plant life is removing some animal’s habitat. Snakes, rats, birds, and insects are removed from their homes and with nothing to come back. The horrible effect of this is that this might lead to these animals’ deaths.

Effects of Commercial Buildings on Wildlife:

The negative impact on wildlife does not cease after construction. The presence of commercial buildings and establishments continues to affect wildlife in the following ways:

  • Risk of danger: With the establishment now operational, there is now a potential for trouble that will put wildlife in danger, and a typical example of this is a forest fire. One accidental flick of a lit cigarette or a little spark from an electric component will have the chance of a forest fire.
  • Pollution: The risk of corruption is there once the erection of these establishments. Noise pollution from the establishment when doing business or construction, Water pollution when accidentally throwing trash into the body of water near the commercial building, and Air pollution if the erected commercial establishment emits smoke.

These effects do not mean that the creation of all commercial buildings and establishments is all bad. There are just precautions that you must consider before proceeding. These precautions are easy to do so you can do all these without a problem.

British Columbia’s Protection of Wildlife

There are many ways to care about wildlife as they have numerous benefits for living things and the environment. Practicing biodiversity is a good thing; British Columbia is one of the practitioners of this way of life. British Columbia made programs to take care of its wildlife by preserving and protecting it.

The protection of wildlife is very crucial due to its effects, both negative and positive. The province of British Columbia has found a way to prevent its nature and commercial development from clashing. British Columbia’s “Wildlife Guidelines for Backcountry Tourism / Commercial Recreation” program aims to protect wildlife through detailed guidelines. One of the policies of this program is that commercial recreation must not hinder British Columbia’s wilderness in any matter. Its sustainability, population, habitat, and distribution of wildlife are ones you must not disturb.

Promoting Sustainable Commercial Development

As stakeholders in the commercial development sector, it is essential to prioritize environmental responsibility and contribute to wildlife preservation. Best Access Doors Canada offers high-quality access doors and panels that possess superior insulating properties. By utilizing our custom doors, businesses can enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Our experienced sales specialists are available to assist you in selecting the right access solutions for your projects. Together, we can address your access needs while aligning with the principles of wildlife preservation and sustainable commercial development in British Columbia.


Balancing wildlife preservation and commercial development is crucial for the long-term well-being of British Columbia. While commercial activities can have adverse effects on wildlife, the government's programs and guidelines demonstrate a commitment to preserving nature. By prioritizing wildlife protection and incorporating sustainable practices, businesses can contribute to the harmony between economic growth and environmental stewardship. Let Best Access Doors Canada be your partner in creating access solutions that promote energy efficiency and support the conservation of British Columbia's remarkable wildlife.

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