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A Breakdown of the Different Types of Doors for Commercial Buildings Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 25th Oct 2023

In commercial construction, doors serve efficient functions as architectural components that blend utility and aesthetics within structures. This article explores different types of doors commonly used in commercial buildings. It offers a breakdown of their applications, advantages, and intricate features necessary to understand if you work in the construction industry.

3 Commonly Used Door Types for Commercial Buildings

#1 - Access Doors

Access doors are vital in commercial establishments, facilitating secure maintenance, access to utilities, and security passages. Engineered for durability and ease of authorized access, these doors come in various forms to address specific needs:

  • Metal Access Doors: Guardians of mechanical and electrical rooms, these metal access doors enhance security and offer longevity.
  • Plastic Access Panels: Ideal for moisture-prone areas like public washrooms, hotel spas, and splash parks, these plastic access panels lay flush with the surface and withstand humidity, maintaining structural integrity.
  • Fire-Rated Access Doors: Crucial for fire safety compliance, fire-rated access doors are installed in areas demanding fire protection, such as electrical junctions, high-rise buildings, industrial warehouses, and any large complex.
  • Soundproof Access Doors: Champions of acoustic spaces like recording studios, these insulated access doors help reduce sound transfer and excel in sound insulation.

Locks, Latches, and Finishes for Access Doors

Access doors offer a range of locking mechanisms, including:

  • Key Locks
  • Push/Pull Latch Locks
  • Cam Locks
  • Keypad Locks
  • Deadbolts

Additionally, finishes cater to aesthetic preferences and environmental needs:

  • Metal Finishes: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel
  • Plastic Finishes: Durable Resins, UVC-Resistant, ABS Plastic
  • Fire-Rated Finishes: Designed to meet fire safety standards; help to reduce the spread of flames and smoke for a set limit of time.

#2 - Interior Doors

Interior doors within commercial settings serve to divide spaces and design elements, shaping the building's functionality. Beyond providing privacy, they contribute to the overall visual appeal of the space:

  • Wood Interior Doors: Emanating elegance and tradition, these doors are perfect for executive suites, boardrooms, and upscale retail spaces.
  • Glass Interior Doors: Ideal for modern office spaces, glass doors open the space while providing visual partitions.
  • Metal Interior Doors: In alignment with industrial aesthetics, metal doors suit creative studios, machine shops, and anywhere requiring added security and durability.

Locks, Latches, and Finishes for Commercial Interior Doors

Interior doors can be fitted with locks and latches to suit diverse needs:

  • Passage Locks (Non-locking)
  • Privacy Locks (Bed/Bath Locks)
  • Keyed Entry Locks (Offices, Restricted Access)
  • Dummy Locks (Aesthetic Purposes)

Finishes vary based on the material used:

  • Wood Finishes: Stain, Varnish, Paint
  • Glass Finishes: Frosted, Clear, Tinted
  • Metal Finishes: Powder Coating, Anodized, Painted

#3 - Exterior Doors

Exterior doors protect commercial structures, safeguarding against weather and securing the building's perimeter. Offering a blend of security and aesthetic appeal, reliable and durable exterior doors include: 

  • Metal Exterior Doors: Main entrances of retail outlets and corporate buildings find protection, durability, and safety with corrosion-resistant metal access doors.
  • Glass Exterior Doors: Modern glass exterior doors add sophistication to upscale hotels, boutique stores, and contemporary commercial spaces.
  • Fiberglass Exterior Doors: A fusion of robustness and design, fiberglass doors serve well in restaurants, warehouses, and healthcare facilities.

Locks, Latches and Finishes for Commercial Exterior Doors

Exterior doors prioritize security with advanced locking mechanisms. Most exterior doors require commercial-grade locks, which are usually much heavier, more sophisticated, and more secure. A Grade 1 commercial lock offers the highest level of security. In contrast, a Grade 2 commercial lock is used in high-traffic settings while providing good protection.

  • Keyed Entry Locks (Main Entrance, Exterior Access)
  • Keypad Locks (Access Control)
  • Smart Locks (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Enabled)
  • Deadbolts (Additional Security)

Finishes cater to aesthetics and environmental conditions:

  • Metal Finishes: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze
  • Glass Finishes: Clear, Frosted, Tinted
  • Fiberglass Finishes: Textured, Smooth

Applications Across Diverse Commercial Scenarios:

  • Hotels: Glass exterior doors extend a warm welcome, while wood interior doors create intimate guest spaces.
  • Warehouses: Metal exterior doors secure assets, and access doors expedite facility maintenance.
  • Machine Shops: Metal interior doors resonate with the industrial setting, complementing the manufacturing vibe.
  • Office Buildings: Glass interior doors foster transparency in collaborative spaces, while fire-rated access doors bolster safety in utility rooms.

In commercial construction, doors are not just features – they're solutions. Knowing the different types of commercial doors can help professionals select the right product for the job, creating seamless experiences for those who live, work, and visit these commercial spaces.

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