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A Beginner's Guide To Soundproofing Your Floor

A Beginner's Guide To Soundproofing Your Floor

Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 5th Nov 2020

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Do you ever feel restless due to the excessive noise coming from other rooms in your house or building? It may be from the kids running around, a dog continually barking, or your neighbours being too loud. Meanwhile, you may not be able to focus correctly in your work due to some background noises. Well, noise is unavoidable for both house and office. It is even worse if it’s downtown, and your space amplifies sounds through air ducts, wood framing, ceiling lighting, and drywall.

To minimize the loud distractions and echoes in your building, soundproofing your floors is the best solution. This article will explain how you can soundproof your flooring and which soundproofing materials you should use.

What Are Sound Ratings?

Wherever you are, the two types of sound can cause you problems. These are what we call the impact of sounds and transmission sounds.

The sounds that you hear coming from things that hit the floor are impact sounds. It includes objects falling on the floor and footsteps. On the other hand, conversations, television noises, and music are what we regard as transmission sounds.

Depending on the material of the floor, it may be good at reducing both sounds. However, the chances of finding a space like this would be very slim. If you find a place that can reduce impact sounds, you will still suffer from transmission sounds. If this is frustrating, read our full article to know the materials or flooring best for soundproofing your floor and gauge both types of sounds.

The Best Materials For Soundproofing Your Floor

Prevention is always better than cure. It does not only apply to healthcare. If you need silence to focus or rest, consider soundproofing your place right away. If there is a high probability that sound could be an issue in your workplace, here are the top two floor types that may work out with you.

  1. Cork
  2. If you want to consider the durability, appearance, and soundproofing, one of your best choices would be cork. Aside from being "spongy," whenever you walk on it, corks have other notable features. For one thing, cork can absorb sound, which makes it perfect as a soundproofing material.

    Most recording companies are using cork as their soundproofing material. It helps studios eliminate background noise. If you install it in your workspace or home, you will notice that it will be a lot quieter. It is because the porous cork absorbs noises and prevents it from bouncing around your room. Moreover, cork could be an attractive choice for DIYs and making your room suit your aesthetic.

  3. Carpet
  4. If you think carpets are only for making your place look better and warmer, it is also good to soundproof your space. Even if kids run around the room or you drop a set of books on the floor, it will only make a little noise. Carpets are the best at reducing ambient sounds around the room.

    The only disadvantage of using a carpeted floor is that it is not durable to last a long time. Aside from requiring cleaning maintenance, it tends to flatten under heavy furniture and constant foot traffic.

  5. Underlay
  6. If cork and carpet are not your styles, there are still some other materials that you can choose. Even if other floorings are not as good as the other two, you can add an underlayment and make soundproofing possible.

    You can use underlayment for different purposes, depending on your flooring material. Some people use this to give more durability to a rag. Meanwhile, this extra layer of insulation could also minimize temperature, moisture, and even sounds against sounds, temperature, and humidity.

A Final Word

Having a soundproof floor is essential to an office or home. It is best to consider this even before you buy or build a new space. Depending on the flooring material, you will experience different qualities of soundproofing. Moreover, if you want to find a cheaper way of soundproofing your place, consider using sound-rated access doors and panels. They are ideal for spaces that require noise containment and sound transmission blocking.

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