The BAC-BP-58 Recessed Access Door for Drywall is functionality and aesthetic combined. It has been meticulously designed to provide access to walls and ceilings while maintaining a near-invisible finish. It has a removable door panel supplied with one layer of ⅝” drywall (or ½”). The concealed hinge and removable door panel, along with the easy installation and finishing process, make the BA-BP-58 the best drywall access door in the industry.

BA-BP-58 Access Door Specifications:

  • MATERIAL: Aluminum extrusion
  • DOOR: ⅝” drywall inserted into door panel (½” also available)
  • DOOR FRAME: Recessed aluminum extrusion provides a similar edge to drywall bead against which wall or ceiling surface can be finished
  • HINGE: Unique concealed non-corroding two-point pin hinge
  • STANDARD LATCH: Screwdriver operated cam latch
  • OPTIONAL LATCHES/LOCKS: Tamper-resistant Torx head cam latch, cylinder lock, and key, concealed touch latch
  • FINISH: Mill Finish. Drywall is ready to be finished to match the surrounding wall or ceiling surface

We offer all standard sizes for your commercial, industrial, and residential project needs. Feel free to call us anytime at 1-800-483-0823 if you need Best Access Doors to supply the BAC-BP-58 for your construction project.


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