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Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Hatch

Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Hatch

Posted by Best Access Doors Canada on 4th Nov 2020

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Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Hatch for Your Commercial Building

If you own a commercial building, it makes sense to provide easy access to the roof since various equipment and your HVAC system are usually up there. Choosing the right roof hatch depends on several factors, and you need to understand what kinds of roof hatches are best suited to your commercial building. Not every commercial building is the same or used for the same purpose.

Personnel Access Roof Hatches

Your maintenance personnel will have a much easier time gaining access if you have a roof hatch installed on your commercial building. It will also eliminate the need to carry a ladder, which can be dangerous and cumbersome. To give personnel access to the roof, you can choose a small, single-cover model. You can install a fixed ladder, service, or ship stairs to ensure the personnel won't have a hard time climbing in and out of the roof hatch.

Equipment Roof Hatches

Sometimes, personnel might need to carry a few pieces of equipment to the roof, in which case you need a more extensive roof hatch that can let various small equipment pass through with ease.

Oversized Equipment Roof Hatches

And if the equipment is larger than average, you can choose for that specific purpose by selecting an equipment roof access hatch. The opening is larger compared to the roof hatch used for personnel. Instead of a single hatch, you can find that the large roof hatches are double-cover models. Manufacturers designed it this way to ensure easy access for larger equipment.

Custom-Manufacturer Roof Hatches

If you still need something bigger, you can get your equipment roof hatch custom manufactured. Figure out your equipment's type and dimensions and send the details to the manufacturer. The measurements can help them determine how they will create the roof hatch. An equipment hatch manufacturer will also need to know the hatch's hardware and exact opening locations. Usually, they will use custom hardware for this.

Low-Profile Replacement Hatches

If you are installing a hatch on an older building, another option is to consider a low-profile replacement hatch, which is excellent for retrofit applications. It's also a good choice if you want to avoid replacing any roofing material. It's as simple as capping over an existing hatch curb. And after you remove the old hatch, installing the new one mounts on the existing curb with ease. You can also choose a roof hatch with a flanged design and a full apron to ensure a watertight installation.

High-Security Roof Hatches

Every building will need a specific type of roof hatch. For example, in a prison facility, the locks and latches need to be very secure, durable, and reliable. Even door surfaces need to be thick enough to prevent penetration by sharp objects. The material used in a medium or high-security hatch has a hefty gauge, and these hatches often include:

  • Bullet-resistant view windows
  • Gun ports
  • Deadlocks

Skylight Roof Hatches

If your commercial building lacks natural light, you can consider a skylight roof hatch for industrial or manufacturing facility settings. It's also an excellent way to cut down on electricity—no need to turn on the lights inside the building because the roof hatch floods the building with light. If you ever want a skylight roof hatch, we recommend a hatch with a polycarbonate dome cover that lets even more light into the building. It's a great way to create a more refreshing, fun working environment for your staff.

Aluminum or Stainless Steel Roof Hatches

An aluminum or stainless steel roof hatch is a good choice if you are situated near saltwater or live in a region where there are harsh weather conditions like heavy snow, wind, and rain. These roof hatches offer higher corrosion resistance to outside elements and pollutants that will be detrimental to the roof hatch. You can also choose copper roof hatches, which are also stable against the elements and offer a historical aesthetic to your building.

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