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Get 10 Great Tips for Eco-Friendly Building and Design in Canada Posted by Best Access Doors - Canada on 24th May 2023

A building's design is essential for several reasons. It helps increase the employee and staff's efficiency and productivity, faster and easier operation, ensures safety and security, and, most importantly, helps keep the company's brand.

This monthly blog will help you learn more about sustainable construction and how to build an eco-friendly building.

What is Sustainable Construction?

Sustainable construction pertains to the method of designing, constructing, and maintaining buildings without creating a hugely damaging impact on the environment. Companies are helping the community and the government reduce waste and pollution by employing this process and incorporating it into any eco-friendly building project. As a result of this initiative, people's health status improves. There will be fewer hospital visits due to allergies and respiratory problems.

Moreover, sustainable construction helps reduce the building's carbon footprint, which is vital to consider as the country is pushing for a net-zero green-house-gas emission in the next 27 years. Today, companies utilize sustainable construction techniques and processes to help create Canada's best eco-friendly building designs.

10 Eco-Friendly Building and Design Tips

1. Give room for insulation

Every architect and building engineer must consider adding eco-friendly features and insulation to keep the interior temperature consistent. The heating and air conditioning system requires less energy to maintain the room's temperature, reducing monthly energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Employ Renewable Energies

An eco-friendly building construction design allows you to install different power sources quickly. You can install and maximize the solar panel's renewable energy. Properly installing it can efficiently power the entire building without producing too much green-house-gas.

3. Install Green Roofs

Though it has a very unorthodox approach, it is efficient in helping the building lessen heat absorption. It is an effective insulation to the building and adds value to it. In addition, green roofs also make the best natural ways to prevent problems from stormwater, UV exposure, and different weather conditions.

4. Use energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances use lesser energy to function, allowing you to have long-term savings by consistently reducing energy bills and maintenance and repair costs. It also promotes comfort through noise and heat reduction and provides convenience.

5. Creating efficient landscaping

Landscaping is a very underrated eco-friendly tip you must consider. Apart from its aesthetics, good landscaping will increase your property value and, at the same time, offer environmental and functional benefits. It helps improve air quality and biodiversity and makes a great outdoor space for your staff's recreational activities.

6. Use Sustainable Building Materials

The material you will use in designing and building a commercial infrastructure is a critical factor you must consider. The company can meet its objectives to achieve a net-zero project if the construction industry must use recyclable and sustainable materials.

These materials are known to conserve natural resources and improve the building's interior air quality.

7. Install proper waste management

Recycling and composting play a critical part in building an eco-friendly design as it promotes sustainability by adequately managing waste. However, you must be very careful in installing a waste management system as it may risk every building occupant's health.

8. Utilize skylight and roof hatches

Skylights and roof hatches are perfect for commercial, institutional, and industrial infrastructures. It provides extra lighting to the building's interior. In addition, these access panels also offer quick access to the building's essential systems on the roof, allowing service personnel to fix the problem and reduce the operation's downtime quickly.

9. Ensure building envelopes are air/watertight

Building envelopes is as essential as other parts of the infrastructure as it serves as a physical barrier that prevents water and air leakage. By properly sealing the building envelope, you can guarantee that the ideal temperature and the air inside the building are as is.

Remember that fluctuating temperature and humidity may cause moisture, attracting moulds and mildew. Thus, check the building envelope and other building parts for cracks and openings and seal them.

10. Incorporate water-conserving features

Typical eco-friendly buildings have water-efficient fixtures and appliances that help reduce overall water and energy consumption every month, allowing you to save more from it over time.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, eco-friendly buildings and designs in Canada are becoming more popular as companies recognize the importance of sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. By implementing sustainable construction methods and incorporating eco-friendly building features, businesses can create more comfortable and healthy work environments, lower energy bills, and contribute to a greener future.

It is time to prioritize sustainable construction and design to ensure a brighter future for our planet and generations. However, only purchase from a trustworthy and reliable LEED-products supplier, whether an access door, skylight, equipment roof hatches, or floor doors.

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