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42" x 42" Aluminum Recessed Floor Door for Carpet/Tile

42" wide x 42" high

2 - 3 weeks
$3,952.49 $2,823.21
(You save $1,129.28)

Product Description

42" x 42" Aluminum Recessed Floor Door for Carpet/Tile

We are introducing our BAC-T Aluminum Recessed Floor Door for Carpet/Tile-- doors with molding strips to accept carpet or composition flooring material to provide virtually remote access in interior applications.

Special features of this floor access door include ¼" aluminum cover and extruded aluminum frame with strap anchors bolted around the perimeter, smooth plate cover reinforced for 150 psf (732 kg/m2) live load ideal for pedestrian applications. It also has engineered lift assistance to allow easy one-hand operation. An extruded aluminum molding is also fastened to the cover and frame's perimeter to accept floor-covering material. For lift assistance, Torsion bars that pivot on cam-action hinges and an automatic hold-open arm with grip handle release are also part of this door assembly.

This BAC-T recessed floor door also has zinc-plated/chromate sealed hardware, concealed cast-steel cam-action hinges from the door's exterior, and a Mill Finish aluminum with bituminous coating on the frame's surface. Avail this door model in many standard sizes and special sizes to fit any construction requirement.

Product Spec Sheet :  Productleft-arrow.png  Download Technical Data / Submittal Sheet (BAC-T)

Material : 1/4" (6mm) aluminum cover and extruded aluminum frame

Hinges : Cast steel cam-action hinges that are concealed from the exterior of the door

Latch : Type 316 stainless steel slam lock with fixed interior handle and removable exterior turn/lift handle. 

Finish : Mill Finish aluminum with a bituminous coating applied to the exterior of the frame

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42" x 42" Aluminum Recessed Floor Door for Carpet/Tile

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