You can always trust Best Access Doors to deliver the best quality access doors for your easy access needs and any construction project. The BAC-GRG glass fiber reinforced gypsum access panels are designed to blend seamlessly into your ceiling. They consist of a surrounding frame with pre-spotted fastener holes and a drop-in door. Available in multiple standard residential and commercial sizes, Perfect for jobs requiring access at regular intervals. Lightweight and easily textured, the panels can be used in both new and retrofit construction across unlimited applications. Their innovative design helps contractors work smarter, faster, and better. The Panels feature a tapered edge for tape joints and won't shrink or crack.
Access Opening- 24" x 24"
Rough Opening - 30" x 30"
BAC-GRG Gypsum Access Panel Basic Installation Instructions:
Material: Glass-fiber reinforced gypsum
Shell thickness: 5/8" lightweight gypsum
Edge thickness: The panel has an edge thickness to accommodate 5/8" drywall
Finish: White
Lastly, we take pride in giving you a wide variety of shipping options directly to your job site. Need a custom size? We can manufacture and ship in as little as five days! Our world-class customer service team looks forward to discussing all your Access Door needs today! Feel free to contact us at 1-800-483-0823 or by email via


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