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14" x 8" Premium Flush Mounted Vent & Grille Cover - Permanent Cold Air Return

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Product Description

14" x 8" Premium Flush Mounted Vent & Grille Cover - Permanent Cold Air Return

The premium flush mounted vent and grille cover is an innovative flush access door for walls and ceilings. It is designed for installation in drywall, plaster, masonry, tile or any flush surface.

The door panel has a machined outer edge to allow for screws, tape, and drywall compound. It can be easily installed, and comes in prime coated white.

Not only that this panel is fire rated thus making it non-flammable, but it is also impact, moisture, water, and mold resistant! 

This product is not only eco-friendly manufactured, but it also non-hazardous with triple fiber reinforced cement board.

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Product specification:

Size: 14"W x 8"H

Overall dimensions: ½" x 16 ⅛" x 11 ⅛"

Material: Triple fiber reinforced cement board

Slot size: .32" x 5.8"

Total slots: 22


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